Psychics need validation too.

  • It wouldn’t make sense to say that I can see dead people when I’ve already established with those close to me and clients a like that I can.  But I am human just like everyone else.  I have low self esteem AND a lot of times I think I’m a nut case and wonder if I’m just manifesting my own hallucinations and that all the accurate readings I’ve given is just luck of the draw.

    Yeah…I have a hard time believing in myself.  I’m my own worst SKEPTIC.

    But I’m overjoyed with confirmation now!  I can say without RESERVATION that I CAN TOTALLY SEE DEAD PEOPLE!

    I was at a Retreat last weekend to participate in a workshop given by Dr. Brian L. Weiss, a psychologist graduated from Harvard and Columbia Universities.  As a bonus, he was joined by 3 other well known authors in the Spiritual/New Age set.  One of them was Mr. John Holland. 

    The first amazing confirmation of my abilities was a practium by Dr. Weiss.  It was one that tested one’s psychic ability.  We had to partner up with a total stranger and hold a personal item of theirs.  The purpose of such an excercise was to see what kind of information we can get off of this stranger by holding the item.  I passed with flying colors.  The moment I touched my partners ring, I saw the three properties she owned, her ex-husband and the coffee cup ring stains he’d left on her banister; I saw her cat jumping up and down on her striped overstuffed couch. Needless to say, my partner was simply amazed that I got all that off of her ring.

    Mr. John Holland is a Spiritual Messenger…he talks to the dead.  I was interested in his workshop and watching him do his work.  So as I was sitting in my seat listening to his introduction, I saw two or three purple orbs spinning furiously around two women in the audience.  Of course, I have to look around and make sure that I wasn’t catching some sight of light reflecting off of somewhere in the room.  Then I had to ask myself if I was hallucinating.  I decided that if Mr. Holland didn’t call upon these women to give them messages, than I AM REALLY a nut case and have been faking myself out for years.

    I watched these orbs of light move around these two women.  At one point, one of the orbs ‘took notice of me’ and came rushing at me.  I instantly felt air at my legs and feet grow cool.  Under my breath, I said, “Yes I can see you.  But I can’t help you.  Ask John instead.”   The cool air warmed up as I watched the orb leave me and return to the women.

    I was sooooo HAPPY when John Holland called out to these women saying he felt drawn in their direction.  And I watched with amazement as I saw the orbs zoom in his direction and disappear into his aura at which point he started delivering messages from the dead to these women!!!  I was truly amazed and fullfilled in knowing that I can believe in myself completely!

    I’m REAL and now I know. Validation is so very important to Intuitives like me.

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